Автор Тема: Intel пусна обява за работа свързана с Биткойн - търси специалисти  (Прочетена 6423 пъти)


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Intel, водещият производител на компютърни чипове в света, търси специалисти свързани с Биткойн и отворените разсредоточени счетоводни книги. Изследователското им звено Intel Labs пусна обява със следния текст:

Job Description: Digital currencies like Bitcoin have captured the imagination of the press. Related startups are generating a great deal of VC interest and investment because of the potential significance of any disruption of the financial payment industry. Its fundamental technical innovation is the decentralized transaction ledger called the 'block-chain'. It allows bitcoin to prevent double-spending of currency by recording all transactions in an open ledger without the need for a central authority. Such a distributed, public, secure, peer-to-peer transaction record enables not just the exchange of bitcoins but many secondary uses that the research and startup community are exploring such as digital marketplaces.
The Special Innovation Projects group within Intel Labs is looking for a researcher to investigate hardware and software capabilities that advance the performance, robustness, and scalability of open, decentralized ledgers. Working with a team of distributed systems, operating systems, and security technologists, you will focus on development of cutting-edge, cryptographic algorithms for improving the robustness and assurance of transaction verification within an open, decentralized ledger.